10 Useful Apps Every Dog Owner Should Have

apps every dog owner should have

Have you ever heard that there are many fantastic and fun mobile apps out there that help pet owners, from training, traveling to finding pet-friendly spots?

Here are ten useful apps every dog owner should have:

1) Dog Whistler

If you want to train your dog, there’s nothing better than a whistle combined with a delicious dog treat. This app offers some cool features such as modifying the sound patterns and setting an alarm that’s motion activated, triggering a dog whistle.

2) Tractive GPS Pet Finder

Losing track of your dog is indeed a terrifying feeling. This app allows owners to attach a GPS to their collar, and it will automatically send a message every time your dog passes the boundaries you set for them. This app will surely give you lots of tranquility and peace of mind.

3) Pet Diary

Pet Diary is a useful app for people who want to keep track of their pet’s medications, weight, and activities. It’s free, interactive and easy-to-use.

4) Dog Translator

Were you ever curious to know what your dog is trying to tell you? I bet all dog owners wonder at some point. Dog Translator will help you find that out in a fun, enjoyable way by recording barks and giving an entertaining translation.

5) Map My Dog Walk

This app is excellent for people who want to achieve a healthier lifestyle with their pets. Monitor the route, time, speed and distance of the walk for you and your dog. It will even let you know how many calories you and your dog burned.

6) BringFido

Not all hotels, accommodations and restaurants accept dogs, so with this application, you won’t have trouble finding a pet-friendly place when you travel with your pooch. The app enables you to easily book your room, as well as filter for popularity, distance, price, and rating.

7) Dog Vacay

Do you need to travel and have no one to take care of your dogs while you are away? This app brings the solution to people who are concerned about that. Do not worry – all sitters are qualified and certified.

8) BarkCam

This app is perfect for owners who love to take pictures of their dogs and have significant trouble doing that because they won’t stop moving. BarkCam has a function that gets your dog’s attention and makes them look at the camera.

9) Pet First Aid

This app is a must-have for all owners who care about their dog’s health. In there you’ll have access to articles and videos about things such as CPR and food poisoning. They also let you store your dog’s medical information for emergency vet visits.

10) iKibble

Did you know that some foods can be toxic and even deadly to dogs? iKibble lets you access a list that shows what your pet can or can’t eat. Say goodbye to being concerned about what your dog’s eating.


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