Author: Juliana A

7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs have been there for us for thousands of years. There is probably no one that is more capable of pure love and companionship than them. It is not surprising that many people prefer dogs over other humans. Here are seven reasons why dogs are better than humans: 1) They are often happy and energetic… Read more »

The 8 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Are you looking for a good guard dog? Certain breeds were bred to let humans know if there are any invaders at their homes. If properly trained and socialized, they are all very docile, fearless and strong. Here are the seven best guard dog breeds: 1) Akita Akita is an old Japanese breed that dates… Read more »

7 Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs Videos

adorable babies playing with dogs

Babies? Cute. Dogs? Cute. Bring those two together, and you get a cuteness overload. Did you know that babies that live with dogs have stronger immune systems, and hardly ever have diseases like asthma, for example?  No wonder dogs are our best buddies. It is hard not to smile with these adorable, heartwarming videos. 1)… Read more »

7 Common Dog Phobias and How to Help Them

scared dog

Like us humans, dogs can also develop fears and phobias throughout their lives. It can be quite difficult for dog owners when they don’t know how to help their distressed furry friends. When dogs are fearful of something they will usually exhibit signs like shaking or panting. Here are seven common dog phobias and how… Read more »

7 Things Your Dog Probably Hates About You

things your dog hates about you

We owners love our furry friends and we want the best for them. However, sometimes without even realizing it, we do things that our dogs might not appreciate. Each dog has their own unique personality and you should get to know your dog and what he likes and dislikes. Here are seven things your dog… Read more »

What Being a Dog Person Says About You

Are you a dog or a cat person? Researchers claim that your answer to this question might say a lot about your personality. For example, cat people are more introverted and need time alone, and, on the other hand dog people are more social and friendly. Here are some personality traits most dog people share:… Read more »

Does My Dog Have Worms?

Worm infection is not an uncommon health issue for pets, and it’s very unpleasant for them. If not treated, these little beings can even cause death. Owners need to pay attention to the signs in order to help their dogs. What are the most common symptoms? The most common symptoms you can observe on your… Read more »