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The 7 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

History shows us that dogs have always been human’s most loyal friends. These animals consider humans to be part of their pack, which is basically their family. All canines are loyal, but some breeds are instinctively more faithful than others. We made a list of the seven most loyal dog breeds. Here they are: 1)… Read more »

Should Dogs Eat Cooked Bones?

dog eating bone

Do you think that giving your pooch a cooked bone will not do any harm? Think again. The FDA and most veterinarians alike agree that you should never give bones to your dog. “Some people think it’s safe to give dogs large bones, like those from a ham or a roast. Bones are unsafe no… Read more »

7 Top Cutest Dog Videos On YouTube

cute dog videos

There probably isn’t a better cure for sadness than watching cute dog videos. In fact, this is even proven scientifically. According to a study done by University of Victoria, seeing something cute and cuddly is perceived by the brain as a form of reward. So here are the top cutest dog videos that will make you… Read more »

8 Best Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

Are you searching for a new family member, but worried if your children will adapt to them? There are three significant things you should consider to make the right decision when choosing a new dog, and they are size, temperament, and energy level. Here are 8 of the best dog breeds for families with kids:… Read more »

 How to Keep Your Dog Entertained While You’re Away

keep your dog entertained

A lonely dog may become anxious and destroy all your furniture if they don’t spend all their canine energy on something. For that reason, it’s more than necessary to find ways to keep them distracted while you are away from home. Adopt or rescue another pooch There’s no such thing as too many dogs. So… Read more »

10 Funny Things All Dog Owners Can Relate To

things all dogs can relate

There are some pros and cons, but no one can deny that having pets is a fantastic and heart-warming experience. These little beings make us feel important, loved, and also bring joy and make us laugh. Here are ten funny things all dog owners can relate to: 1) There is dog hair just about everywhere… Read more »

10 Most Independent Dog Breeds For Busy People

Are you a busy person? Do you work all day and can’t take care of a dog? You might think your only option is to get a cat, but it’s not. Some breeds like Labradors and Border Collies require lots of attention, but others like Akitas, don’t. However, don’t forget that they are living things… Read more »