7 Common Dog Phobias and How to Help Them

scared dog

Like us humans, dogs can also develop fears and phobias throughout their lives. It can be quite difficult for dog owners when they don’t know how to help their distressed furry friends. When dogs are fearful of something they will usually exhibit signs like shaking or panting.

Here are seven common dog phobias and how you can help your dog:

1) Fear of being left alone

separation anxiety

Dogs love their owner’s attention, and if they are not used to being left alone, it can be unsettling for them. Some dogs develop a phobia, commonly known as separation anxiety. The signs of separation anxiety include: excessive barking, intense pacing, and destructive behavior. You can help your pooch by getting another furry mate to keep him company or even CBD supplements that can soothe their anxiety.

2) Fear of thunder

Fear of thunder is also known as Astraphobia. Dogs can have different levels of astraphobia. Some start to shake, while others might whine. Other pooches might become anxious or really reclusive during a storm. It’s important to comfort them and provide a safe place for them to hide. Desensitization and CBD might also help your pooch.

3) Fear of fireworks

Dog owners who have dogs that fear fireworks can get very worried around the holidays. This phobia is so common that many cities are now prohibiting fireworks. While you might really want to scoop up your pup and comfort him with reassuring petting, try to avoid it as your dog could feel you are reinforcing his anxiety. Better ways you can help reduce your dog’s anxiety is by providing them with a dog bed or crate where they can go and hide, buy an anxiety vest, or give them some calming treats.

4) Car Ride

fear of car rides

Some dogs would rather chase and bark at a vehicle than ride in it. If this is the case, it’s likely the dog associates the car ride with something terrible. You can help your pooch by trying to make car rides an enjoyable experience. This way, with time, they might become less anxious when taking car rides.

5) Fear of men

Some pooches can urinate or shake when they see strangers or even children they’re not familiar with. Specialists believe that this behavior developed due to past abuse – which is common among rescued pets, or it might also be due to a lack of training. Do not force your dog to socialize with people, but gradually train them within their comfort zone to overcome the phobia.

6) Fear of water

fear of water

I bet you thought all dogs loved getting wet, but that’s not the case with some pooches. These dogs likely had a bad experience in the past which now makes them fear water. With lots of patience and desensitization exercises, you can teach your pooch to overcome their fear of water.

7) Fear of the veterinarians

Like some people who fear needles or going to see the doctor, dogs are no different. The veterinary clinic is a strange environment for them. They might have bad memories from going there, like getting a painful vaccination or being restrained. You can practice “going to the veterinarians” at home with your dog, and reward him for following directions. Calming treats might also help calm his nerves.

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