7 Top Cutest Dog Videos On YouTube

cute dog videos

There probably isn’t a better cure for sadness than watching cute dog videos. In fact, this is even proven scientifically. According to a study done by University of Victoria, seeing something cute and cuddly is perceived by the brain as a form of reward.

So here are the top cutest dog videos that will make you go awwwww:

1) Top 10 Of The Laziest Dogs Of All Time

“Walking? Oh god, no. Can’t I just stay home?” These are the laziest dogs of all time.

2) Jealous Dog Want Attention Compilation

“You belong to me, hooman”. They just can’t stand when their owners give attention to others.

 3) Cute Dogs and Cats Doing Funny Things

Sleeping dogs, fluffy dogs in trains and dancing dogs, it’s too much cuteness in only one video.

4) Funniest Singing Dogs Compilation

These dogs sing so well they should be in show business.

5) Dogs Meet Their Owner After Long Time

Darn ninjas cutting onions again! These dogs can’t contain their happiness after meeting their owners after a long time.

 6) Adorable Babies Playing With Dogs and Cats

Is there a better combination than babies and dogs? I don’t think so.

7) Dog Want To Hug To The Owner

These pups love their owners so much, all they want to do is stay by their side all the time.

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