7 Common Signs of Dog Dementia You Should Watch For

Dog dementia is a very common condition among senior dogs. It is essential for owners to know the signs to give their furry friends the best quality of life that they deserve. If your dog exhibits some of these signs talk to a veterinarian to decide on the best treatment.

Here are some signs of dog dementia you should watch out for:

1) Generalized anxiety

It is not unusual for dogs with dementia to get anxious after they find themselves lost in a room, for example. There are some ways in which you can ease their anxiety, like relaxing songs or noises, or even CBD supplements.

2) Change in social behavior

Did you notice that your dog started barking at you or a family member? This could mean that they don’t remember who the person is. Change in social behavior is a common symptom of dog dementia.

3) Aggression

dog aggression

Has your calm dog suddenly started being aggressive and territorial? Maybe even growling? Anxiety can explain the hostility they feel because they don’t remember who the person is. According to specialists, this can be treated with supplements that relieve tension.

4) Loss of the sense of direction

It is somewhat normal for dogs to wander around, but do your dogs seem lost in their own home? Or maybe even being paralyzed in a corner for no reason at all? Be attentive, because this could be a sign your dog is losing their mental abilities.

5) Vocalization

Is your dog is howling, barking, or even whining? Specialists believe that excessive vocalization, combined with other symptoms, can be a sign of dementia. Observe if that is the case of your pooch.

6) Staring at nowhere

Did you notice that your dog is staring at walls or to something nonexistent? No, they do not see ghosts. Gazing at walls or doors, for example, is usually a sign that they are developing dementia.

7) Lethargy

Dogs with dementia often lose interest in playing and walking. It is normal for some dogs, especially older ones, to sleep more. But, if your dog starts sleeping more on weird hours during the day, it could be a sign something is not right.

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