7 Instagram Dog Celebrities You Should Be Following

If you’re a dog lover, you can’t not follow these Instagram accounts. It’s incredible, these dogs are more famous than some human celebrities! Follow them, you’ll not regret it. It will certainly make your day better.

1) @ItsDougthePug

There’s no pug more famous than Doug, the Pug. The King of Pop culture entertains more than 3.6 million followers.



2) @JiffPom

Jiff Pom is a very popular Pomeranian dog, with a surprising audience of 8,8 million followers.


3) @Marutaro

With 2.5 million followers, this Japanese Shiba-Inu is certainly a dog you’ll want follow.


4) @MarnieTheDog

Marnie is a 16-year-old senior Shih Tzu that was adopted at age 11. This lady dog has more than 2 million followers.


5) @TunaMeltsMyHeart

Tuna has 1.9 million followers, making him the most loved Chihuahua and Dachshund mix dog out there.


6) @Loki

This wolfdog has been breaking hearts since 2012. No wonder why he has more than 1.8 million followers.


7) @Manny_The_Frenchie

Manny is the world’s most followed bulldog, with 1,1 million followers.



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