What Being a Dog Person Says About You

Are you a dog or a cat person? Researchers claim that your answer to this question might say a lot about your personality. For example, cat people are more introverted and need time alone, and, on the other hand dog people are more social and friendly.

Here are some personality traits most dog people share:

You are extroverted

A study published iin the journal Anthrozoos claims that dog lovers are more outgoing and love to socialize with other people – qualities which benefit your dogs greatly! People who love dogs also tend to be more confident when compared with cat people.

You like to go outside

Research shows that if you are a dog person, you’re more likely to like traveling, sports, going on adventures, and exploring nature. You probably love taking your pooch for a walk and enjoying the scenery.

Loyalty is something you appreciate deeply

Dogs are humans best friends. There probably isn’t a pet that is more loyal and who shows more affection than a dog, and this is something you really like about them. You are also very loyal to your friends and family, and you will stand up for them no matter what happens.

You treat your dog as if it’s your child

If you’re not doing it yourself, you’ve probably seen other people treating their dogs as a baby. A survey showed that dog people treat dogs the same way as children in their families. It also shows that they are comfortable referring to themselves as “dog mommy”or “dog daddy”.

It’s highly likely that your dog looks like you

It’s scientifically proven: dogs look like their owners. This is explained by the fact that humans are narcissistic and tend to find comfort in familiarity – not only in looks but also personality.

You probably tend to follow rules

While cat people are more rebellious and non-conformists, studies show that dog lovers are more likely to obey the rules and go with the flow.

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