7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Dogs have been there for us for thousands of years. There is probably no one that is more capable of pure love and companionship than them. It is not surprising that many people prefer dogs over other humans. Here are seven reasons why dogs are better than humans:

1) They are often happy and energetic

Who doesn’t like being welcomed with licks, jumps and wagging tails? Dogs seem to be always thrilled to see us. Who doesn’t like that?

2) They make us feel better

Did you know that dogs can lower your blood pressure? They also decrease your stress levels and increase oxytocin, which is the happiness hormone, this is why they are the best companions when you are feeling down or sad.

3) They love us no matter what

For them, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or homeless, where you come from, or how you look like; dogs will always love you unconditionally.

4) They went to space before us

Did you know that the first animal to orbit the Earth was not a human, but a dog? That is right. It was a Russian dog named Laika that opened the path for human space travel.

5) They have great senses

Dogs can help you protect your home because of their sharp hearing. Their sniffers are also great. Did you know that dogs can even detect illnesses like cancer by smell?

6) They are loyal

While you can’t always trust humans, your dog will always be there for you. Contrary to cats, that are more independent, canines are pack animals and are genetically wired to protect members of their group.

7) They are intelligent

Dogs are very smart. They can learn tricks, hunt, help with police work, assist people with certain illnesses like epilepsy and anxiety, and even act.

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