7 Tips to Stop Your Dog from Being Scared of Fireworks

With the 4th of July approaching, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do to help your dog get by the season of fireworks. Holidays can be a really scary time for owners since many dogs get spooked and run away.

This happens because some are more sensitive to noise compared to the others. A study shows that one out of five dogs has this problem.

Here are some things you can do to help your pet overcome firework anxiety:

1) Identify the signs

anxiety signs

The first step is to identify the main signs of canine anxiety. They will start showing odd behavior. An anxious dog may exhibit some symptoms like shaking, pacing, panting and whining, peeing, pooping or they may also seek a place to hide or escape.

2) Avoid the crowds


If your dog is scared of fireworks, it’s always best to stay at home with him where he feels most comfortable. Some dog owners find it useful to find a special soothing area, like their own bed, basement, bathroom, or even a car.

3) Drown the fireworks out

Create some familiar sounds to distract your dog from the fireworks sound, like a tv, washer running, music, or anything to drown the noise out.

4) Exercise


A tired dog is unlikely to get anxious because of the noise. Exercising can lessen dog anxiety and make your dog relaxed.

5)  Desensitization exercises for dogs


These exercises consist of exposing a dog to low-intensity levels of the problem stimulus. With patience and time, your dog is going to learn how to deal with loud noises such as fireworks.

6) Try a natural approach


Creating a comfortable environment with blankets, and something like a DIY wrap is going to help your pet feel more relaxed and less scared.

7)  CBD


Studies show that cannabidiol can help with dog anxiety in dogs, such as fear of fireworks or thunder. Many owners have reported an improvement in their dog’s behavior.



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