7 Funny Dog Videos To Make You Smile

funny dog videos

Are you feeling blue? Sad? Worried? Bored? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered! It’s scientifically proven that spending your time with dogs can be therapeutic and relieve stress. So, here are some funny dog videos to brighten your day and make you smile:

1) Funny Cats and Dogs Compilation

Dogs and cats have one of the most troubling relationship in nature. Here are some funny videos showing them trying to get along.

2) Who Did That? Guilty Dogs Video Compilation

These dogs were in trouble, and they show how guilty they feel. As a dog owner, it’s hard to feel angry or upset after seeing these cute expressions.

3) Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs

They had one job… and they failed. Watch some bloopers of the (ruff) dog life.

4) Funny Dogs Scared of Randoms Things Compilation

These dogs are scared of the most random things like shadows, mirrors and balloons.


5) Dogs React To Magic Trick With Blanket

Here’s one of the most funny dog reactions video to the magic trick with blanket. These dogs were certainly very confused and lost.


6) Smarty Dogs | Funny Dog Video Compilation 2017

This video compilation will leave you surprised of how smart dogs can be. From magic tricks to even opening their crates, these dogs can do it all.

7) Dogs just don’t want to bath – Funny dog bathing compilation

Why do you do this, human? These dogs certainly don’t like to take a bath, and they’ll do anything to try to avoid it.



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