9 Most Famous Dogs in History You Should Know About

Dogs have always been by our side, and this can be observed through history. The dogs in this article earned their recognition by doing several things, such as being heroes, movie stars and even space dogs.

Here are nine of the most famous dogs in history that you should know about:

1) Laika


Laika is probably the most famous dog out there. The Russian mutt was a stray dog from Russia, trained to be part of the Soviet Space program.  Unfortunately, the space canine died within hours of launch, because of overheating. A monument was made in honor of Laika near where the training took place.

2) Hachiko


We all know dogs are man’s best friends, and this pup was there to prove that this is true. Hachiko was an Akita dog that lived in Japan. The pooch would greet his owner every day at the train station. It was like that for years until one day the owner didn’t come back, because he had died of a brain hemorrhage. The dog would still wait for his owner at the same spot for nine years until his own death. A statue was made in honor of Hachiko, and there’s even a movie inspired by this story.

3) Pal, The Original Lassie

Lassie was a movie star, and contrary to popular belief, was not a female, but a male Rough Collie. Pal starred in six movies and the pilots for the television series. The dog earned more than twice the salary of his co-star,  Elizabeth Taylor.

4) Appollo


Appollo was a great helper. The dog was part of the search and rescue team that assisted during the horrible event of 9/11. Appollo and his partner, Peter Davis, searched for bodies and survivors for more than half-a-day for over a week.

5) Benji

Benji was one of the best-known animal movie actors. This dog’s actual name was Higgins and portrayed a dog that saved two kidnapped children. The movie was so successful that several remakes were made.

6) Fido


Fido was rescued by a brick worker in the Tuscan Province of Florence, Italy. To show his gratitude, he would go with his owner to the bus stop and would come back to wait for him there. The Italian worker was killed by a bombardment and never came back. His faithful dog would still wait for him for the next 14 years until his own death.

7) Rin Tin Tin

Rin Tin Tin was a German Shepherd born on a battlefield during the World War I. The dog starred in 27 Hollywood movies and received the most votes for the Academy Awards in 1929, but the Academy decided that a human should win and gave the award for Emil Jannings instead.

8) Sinbad

Sinbad served the American Coast Guard for 11 years and started by putting his paw print on his own enlistment papers. Sinbad won multiple awards such as the American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, and Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal.

9) Lex

Lex was a loyal military dog that wouldn’t leave his owner. One day they were attacked, and the marine died. Lex wouldn’t leave his side even while being seriously injured, and he had to be dragged away. The dog survived, but had some mobility issues and continued working as a therapy dog.



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