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8 Best Dog Breeds For Families With Kids

Are you searching for a new family member, but worried if your children will adapt to them? There are three significant things you should consider to make the right decision when choosing a new dog, and they are size, temperament, and energy level. Here are 8 of the best dog breeds for families with kids:… Read more »

10 Smartest Dog Breeds

All dogs can learn basic commands like sitting, staying and fetching, but it is going to take patience and time to teach them. However, some dogs are smarter than average and need only five or less repetitions to learn a new trick. They are so intelligent that they often have special tasks such as helping people… Read more »

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

dog depression

Does your dog seem sad? Has he been refusing food? Has he been hiding? Your pooch is probably depressed. In fact, specialists believe that dog depression is not that different from human depression. But, unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. You obviously can’t ask your pet to know how he’s feeling, and… Read more »