How To Take Care of Your Senior Dog

senior dog

Much like the elderly, senior dogs have different needs and require more care and affection. To give your dog a better quality of life, you’ll need to make some adjustments. This could even help to increase his average lifespan.

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An older dog is also more prone to certain diseases like arthritis, and he may not be able to run or walk as much. It is also imperative that you take care of their teeth, otherwise, you may risk losing them.

Here are some things that you can do to help your senior dog:

Observe his behavior

dog identification

If he is suddenly behaving differently, it could be a sign that he is in pain and suffering from a disease. Some unusual behaviors include hiding, not wanting to eat and being irritable for no apparent reason.

Visit your veterinarian more frequently for check-ups

dog vaccination

Senior dogs are more susceptible to conditions like arthritis and kidney disease. Regular visits to the vet can increase his lifespan and quality of life.

Going for a walk

dog walking routine

Exercising is essential, as your dog’s metabolism will slow down. Be careful as he may not be able to walk as much as a younger dog, and always take him when there’s not much sun outside.

Special diet for senior dogs

Since older dogs are more likely to develop obesity, therefore, it’s necessary to change their diet. There are special dog foods for senior dogs, and they contain fewer carbohydrates and more nutrients that an older pet needs.

Get him comfortable

An old pet needs a very comfortable place to sleep. Provide softer blankets for your pet’s bed. This will make him feel more cozy and have a better sleep.

Make his life easier

senior dog

If your dog has difficulty moving, you could maybe provide some ramps or special dog stairs, carpets – so that the floor doesn’t get slippery, and keep his food and water closer.


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