7 Things Your Dog Probably Hates About You

things your dog hates about you

We owners love our furry friends and we want the best for them. However, sometimes without even realizing it, we do things that our dogs might not appreciate. Each dog has their own unique personality and you should get to know your dog and what he likes and dislikes.

Here are seven things your dog probably hates about you:

1) Hugs

It may come as a surprise to you, but your dog doesn’t like your hugs. Hugging is one of the ways humans show love and affection, but that’s not the case in the dog world. Dogs can interpret hugs as a sign of dominance which can make them feel uneasy. Pay attention if they move away from you as it’s a sign of their discomfort.

2) Not letting them explore on walks

Dogs need to go for walks so they can get some exercise and relax, however, they do not appreciate when you walk them in a hurry. They need time to explore their surroundings by sniffing. For this reason, it’s important that you take long, slow walks with your pooches.

3) Forcing them to socialize

Even though dogs love to be social, they may not always feel like it. Some owners push them into spending time with people or other dogs they don’t like, which can make your dog anxious. If you want to encourage them to socialize, do it using non-forceful and constructive methods so that they are not negatively affected.

4) Leaving them alone for long periods

Your dog does not like to be alone at home, and it can be an overwhelming experience for them. They may develop stress, depression, or separation anxiety as a result. If you can, you should hire a pet sitter, or even adopt another pet for companionship.

5) Loud noises

Dogs do not like unfamiliar situations. They may feel threatened by loud noises such as thunder and fireworks. Pooches may exhibit some signs of anxiety and discomfort such as panting, hiding, or urination. There are some things you can do like providing a safe place they can hide and giving them delicious CBD treats to make them feel calmer.

6) Not having rules and structure

Like children, your pup appreciates rules and routine. Dogs need a leader to follow, and not having one leads to them feeling confused. Training will establish a structure in their lives. You can reinforce this structure by feeding and walking them at the same time each day, rewarding good behavior, and punishing bad ones, in a constructive way.

7) Dressing them up

You may think that they look cute in costumes or other clothes, but dogs usually HATE being dressed up. It is unnatural and uncomfortable for a dog and can make them feel stressed and irritated with you. If you just can’t resist dressing them up to take that adorable photo, you can dress them up for a picture but then remove the clothing/costumes quickly after.

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